Strategy & Management

Andrea Doray content marketing for Ent Credit Union

"It was my pleasure to work with and learn from Andrea. She helped the marketing team focus on developing and executing creative that really spoke to the member/audience. It was exciting to see measurable results from so many campaigns!"

Former Ent Credit Union colleague Melissa Dixon  

"Andrea creates and fosters collaborative environments that encourage conversation and results-driven strategies for companies. Her ability to see how all the marketing parts work together to drive success is admirable, and she has an incredible understanding of how communication strategies inform every stage of the sales funnel."

Angela Gibson, Content Marketing Manager at Circadence

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Content Marketing

Andrea Doray content marketing for SoftScience Supreme Comfort Footware

"Andrea and I collaborated on full-funnel marketing initiatives. She was an instrumental partner from top-level strategy for paid media spend to graphic design and project management. Together, we quickly and efficiently launched  campaigns that drove results and revenue for our client."

Kyle Pivarnik, Director of Partnerships & Digital Promotions at Sounds True

"Andrea  created, wrote, and edited her own copy, and supervised freelance copywriters. Andrea handled multiple projects with confidence, creativity, organization, and talent, clearly addressing different copy required for a business buyer vs. a personal  buyer." 

Former Current Checks / Checks Unlimited supervisor Vicki Keller; career coach & business management consultant

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Writing & Editing

Andrea Doray writing & editing content marketing for PlainSmart

"It's been a privilege to work with Andrea in many different facets of writing over the years. I know I can count on her to deliver what is requested and more, as she never fails to make the project her own by bringing her  innovation and curiosity into play. Her professionalism is beyond reproach."

Nancy Parker Brummett, former Current, Inc., editorial director; author, speaker, freelance writer

"What I sent to Andrea for editing was almost a stream of consciousness about a fairly complex subject. What  she returned to me was amazing. It looked so professional, it really blew me away. And I haven’t even begun to tap into her social media marketing expertise!"

Dan Walkovitz, Vice President of Marketing at Qadence Emergent  Designs; CEO, Mainstay Solutions

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Editorial & Reporting


"Andrea Doray has been a regular columnist and occasional freelance writer for our weekly community papers for several years now. She has always been professional in our dealings, and often poignant with her prose. Her work has undoubtedly enriched our pages."

West Metro Editor Glenn Wallace, Colorado Community Media 

"Andrea was a regular contributor to our city-wide business magazine. We could always count on her to not only suggest interesting and topical subjects but to deliver columns that were filled with considered thought and insight. She created captivated readers and happy editors and to top it off she was engaging and fun to work with."

Former Colorado Springs Business editor Michael Gardner , Executive Presence researcher at The Center for Creative Leadership

Andrea is a breath of fresh air to a swamped editor! She delivers quality, creative (and fun!) pieces ON TIME. Treat yourself to her work!"

Wendy Burt-Thomas, author, full-time freelance writer, editor, copywriter, and PR consultant

Training & Facilitation


"I've had the pleasure of working with Andrea as a fellow facilitator/consultant. On multiple occasions, I was in awe of how she skillfully harnessed and shaped a disharmonious group who clearly had conflict into a productive outcome. 

Former Kleimann Communication Group colleague Tracy J. Schmidt, Software Product Manager at Dorel Home

"Each member of the Board of Directors of Canine Partners of the Rockies thanks you for your time and talent facilitating the inservice meeting. This is exactly what was needed to assist us with our goal of responsible growth for the CaPR organization. Thanks again."

Board of Directors, Canine Partners of the Rockies 

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Workshops & Presentations

Andrea Doray volunteer work

"Just a word of thanks for traveling down to Orlando to give an inside look into the world of marketing. Judging from the comments afterwards, your workshop was one of the best of the three-day conference. You certainly know your subject! Thank you again for a very educational and thought-provoking workshop."

Mark L. Olson, past president, National Council for Community Relations

"Thank you so much for your contribution to yesterday's Colorado Nonprofit Day event. I have received many positive comments about your session! We are so fortunate to have the level of expertise and the willingness to contribute that you exemplify."

Susan Saksa, former Director, Colorado Springs Nonprofit Center and Chamber Nonprofit Partnership

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