Client Success Stories: Case Studies


"Andrea creates and fosters collaborative environments that encourage conversation and results-driven strategies for companies. Her ability to see how all the marketing parts work together to drive success is admirable, and she has an incredible understanding of how communication strategies inform every stage of the sales funnel."

Angela Gibson, Content Marketing Manager at Circadence

Case Study: Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

Andrea Doray writing & editing for PlainSmart DNA download

PlainSmart Wellness Clinic


  • Drive prospects to the PlainSmart now Personal nutrition Concierges blog or website to sell programs online direct to the consumer


  • Use social media, emails, and the website, as well as digital advertising and broadcast media to acquire contact information for lead generation and nurturing.


  • Write, edit, produce, and place social media, blog, newsletter, and email marketing automation, including ebooks and downloads; manage agencies for production and PR


  • Drove website traffic up more than 50% month over month
  • Generated up to 1,000 leads per day, necessitating additional outbound sales staff

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Lead Generation Facebook Post

Andrea Doray social media content marketing  for PlainSmart DNA download

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Lead Nurturing Newsletter & Blog Post

Andrea Doray blog post content marketing  for PlainSmart DNA download

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Nutrigenetics Infographic

Andrea Doray infographic content marketing  for PlainSmart DNA download

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"5 Insights" Guide Download

Andrea Doray content marketing writing & editing for PlainSmart DNA  download

Designed & formatted by Philosophy Communication

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"Nutrigenetics" eBook Download

Andrea Doray content marketing writing & editing for PlainSmart DNA  download

Designed & formatted by Flynn Wright

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"What I sent to Andrea for editing was almost a stream of consciousness about a fairly complex subject. What  she returned to me was amazing. It looked so professional, it really blew me away. And I haven’t even begun to tap into her social media marketing expertise!"

Dan Walkovitz, Vice President of Marketing at Qadence Emergent  Designs; CEO, Mainstay Solutions

Case Study: Customer Retention and Referral

Andrea doray and Dahl House Design

Dahl House Design


  • Retain current customers and generate personal referrals for Dahl House Design interior design, residential design, remodeling, and design consulting


  • Use email newsletter and blog to provide valuable top-of-mind content -- versus overt sales promos --  to current customers, prospects, and vendors for customer retention, lead nurturing, and referrals


  • Newsletter and blog content strategy, creation, and management: develop content marketing strategy; write, and produce email newsletter; write and produce infographics;  write and edit blog content

see our first newsletter here


  • First email newsletter produced a 56.7% open rate, and a 15.7% click-per-unique open rate

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Case Study: Multi-Channel Communication & Marketing


SoftScience Supreme Comfort Footwear


  • Drive customers and prospects to Customer Service for a phone-only offer to engage callers in conversation for personal upsell


  • Use social media, email, and digital advertising, as well as public and media relations to promote "old-school customer service"


  • E-commerce direction, content creation & management: develop and promote offers; write, edit, and produce social media, blogs, and emails; manage digital advertising and public relation agencies


  • 700% increase in calls to customer service during  promotion
  • 45% of  month's revenue generated during campaign's 10-day duration

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"Old-School Customer Service" Facebook Ad

Andrea Doray social media content marketing for SoftSCience campaign

P.S. Who says business comms can't have fun?


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"Just a word of thanks for traveling down to Orlando to give an inside look into the world of marketing. Judging from the comments afterwards, your workshop was one of the best of the three-day conference. You certainly know your subject! Thank you again for a very educational and thought-provoking workshop."

Mark L. Olson, past president, National Council for Community Relations

Case Study: Integrated Marketing Campaign

Andrea Doray integration content marketing for Ent Credit Union

Ent Credit Union


  • Bring in new money (not already on deposit) into specific term-deposit products. 


  • Create, produce, and implement multi-channel campaign, in collaboration with Mills Marketing.


  • Marketing and content direction: lead high-functioning team and collaborate with cross-functional colleagues to execute campaign, manage messaging and production, 


  • Leap Day Certificate: Brought in $11 million in one product in one day
  • Pot o' Gold Certificate: Brought in additional $4.5 million in another product in two days
  •  IRA NOW and Tax Day IRA Certificates: Generated $8 million with tax day promotions
  • Priority Certificate: Generated $35 million in term deposits in fewer than three months

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"Andrea  created, wrote, and edited her own copy, and supervised freelance copywriters. Andrea handled multiple projects with confidence, creativity, organization, and talent, clearly addressing different copy required for a business buyer vs. a personal  buyer." 

Former Current Checks / Checks Unlimited supervisor Vicki Keller; career coach & business management consultant

Case Study: Direct Marketing & Customer Retention

Andrea Doray direct mail  content marketing for Current Checks, Checks Unlimited

Current Checks / Checks Unlimited


  • Retain current customers and lure back customers from direct-check printer competition 


  • Create, produce, and implement nationwide direct-mail marketing campaign (preferred by our demographic) with a "Welcome Back" campaign offer.
  • Sent "Oops ... failed to keep you informed" communication to lapsed customers. 


  • Creative team management for content and production: write, edit, and direct production of marketing messaging and materials


  • Business check line made a profit in the first year 
  • Response rates for personal checks at an all-time high

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Case Study: Content & Program Management

Andrea Doray content marketing  National Endowment for Arts/Colorado Creative Industries

Poetry Out Loud: Colorado Creative Industries / National Endowment for the Arts


  • Attract new and returning schools to participate in the NEA's Poetry Out Loud Program, as well as  drive attendance to the competition event


  • Use social media, public relations, email, and collaboration with partner organizations    to secure participation from Colorado high schools, and promote and publicize school events, the state and national competitions, and the state winner.


  • Program management: create, produce and deploy integrated content marketing; sign up schools, manage mentor program and volunteers, and recruit judges; promote and produce event 


  • Exceeded school participation goals by 45%
  • Achieved year-over-year increase in social media following by 89% 
  • Achieved a 70% increase in reach from the previous year 

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Peer-to-Peer Facebook Participation

Andrea Doray social media content for National Endowment for Arts/Colorado Creative Industries

Social Media & Public Relations

Andrea Doray social media content & PR for National Endowment for Arts/Colorado Creative Industries

Social Media & Email

Andrea Doray social media/email content for National Endowment for Arts/Colorado Creative Industries

Social Media & Public Relations

Andrea Doray social media for National Endowment for Arts/Colorado Creative Industries

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