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Writing is storytelling ...


... and storytelling is a compelling way to share a message.

  • Storytelling expresses universal experiences and shared humanity.

  • From earliest times, oral histories have made their way from person to person, tribe to tribe, continent to continent. 

  • Writing, publication, and widening literacy help share the messages of storytelling. 

As a writer, I use my craft to tell stories ... and share the messages. 

For example, Boris Bear Remembers His Manners (published by Current USA) helps pre-school and elementary kids learn courtesy in a fun and engaging way.

Boris Bear Remembers His Manners


The Boris Bear Learning Collection

The tale of Boris is that of a well-meaning young bear who just can't remember his manners and doesn't understand why they are essential ... until he goes to lunch at school! 

The Boris Bear Learning Collection includes:

  • Boris Bear Remembers His Manners Big Book (above)

  • Plush Boris Bear Hand Puppet (left)

  • Bee Sure Honey Bee Stickers

  • Manners Certificates

  • Manners Flash Cards

  • Activity Sheets

Teaching Manners Collection


Self-Esteem Collection


Boris Bear Learning Packet


Boris Bear Activity Sheets



"It's been a privilege to work with Andrea in many different facets of  writing over the years. I know I can count on her to deliver what is requested and more, as she never fails to make the project her own by bringing her own innovation and curiosity into play. Her professionalism is beyond reproach."

Former Current, Inc., Editorial Director Nancy Brummett

Author, Speaker, and Freelance Writer

Other Children's Books

Kids Go to the Circus!


Insert a a kid's photo and watch the magic happen on every page!

What Do We Want for Christmas?


A "Giving and Sharing" book that illustrates why giving is greater than receiving.

Christmas Mini-Book Collection


These tiny books made great stocking-stuffers for kids and adults alike!

Anthologies and Other Publications

Five-Minute Bedtime Stories, 2nd Edition


Kids can choose their own bedtime stories from the pictures.

"The Very Best Hiding Place"


Rodney and Miranda meet the hooty owl for a game of hide-and-seek!

A Story A Day 'til Christmas, Vol 3


Twenty-four stories, poems, legends, and carols to enjoy each day.

"The Year There Could Be No Christmas"


What was so important that mother couldn't make it home?

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