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I'm Andrea Doray & I help people communicate.

Any communication—written or otherwise—has a point to make or information to impart, whether it’s directions to the family picnic, the features and benefits of a new product, or something as simple (but as essential) as “sign here” on an important document.

Connecting with your target audiences effectively means communication that speaks to their wants, needs, questions, and aspirations ... in their own terms. 

Clarity, understanding, & meaning ... that's why we communicate.

Is your communication clear? Do people understand what you are trying to say? Are you communicating what you mean?

I can help.

Contact me to learn more about how we can work together for clarity, understanding, and meaning in your communication.

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"Andrea is a consummate professional, with both a wide range and depth of knowledge. Coupled with her proven track record of successful execution and the fact that she's a delight to work with, Andrea is the definition of an A+ player."

Kyle Pivarnik, VP​ ​of​ ​Growth Strategy​ ​Services, Creation Chamber

I create clarity, understanding, & meaning in communication.

About Me

I'm a writer, communicator, speaker, & collector of funny stories and great lyrics. 

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About My Work

Clients, colleagues, and editors say it best ...
& the results speak for themselves.

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Speaking, Training, & Meeting Facilitation

I am a national speaker, trainer, & facilitator with a passion for communication & an advocacy for literacy.

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Quinn Press

I run an indie publishing house for writers, a smattering of storytelling, & a forum for communicators of all stripes.

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"Andrea and I served on several community leadership committees together and she is hard-working and committed. She uses her time extremely well, balancing volunteer and work roles perfectly."

Fellow volunteer type Ginny Green  

Editor at MSP Communications - Custom Content

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